Offensive Plays

Offense Playbook

The offensive playbook contains various offensive basketball plays. Some of the basketball plays are simple and could be used by youth basketball teams while others are fairly complex. In the future I'll try to list the plays according to the learning curve and also what types of defenses each play was designed to beat. When applicable I'll give information on which college or pro basketball teams run certain plays.

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MAN TO MAN Offenses

Flex Basic - This animated basketball play will teach you the basic movements and rules of the popular Flex Offense.

Flex Corner Option - Option for the flex offense when a pass to the corner is made.

Motion Offense - The motion basketball offense is another popular play. Forms of the plays can be run from middle school teams all the way through the professional game. Purdue University often runs motion.

North Carolina Unique - New Basketball play used by UNC in the sweet 16 to end the first half. It uses a unique formation and has three scoring options.

North Carolina Dribble Screen - Offense used by Roy Williams against Wake Forest to get a three point shot.  Includes animated play and video of UNC running the offense.

Wheel Offense - The Wheel Offense has been used for years and ranks high on most coaches list of favored plays. It works equally well against both zone and man defense.

Duke Spread Offense - This animation will teach you the basics of Coach K's spread offense.

Duke Spread 1-4 Set - This is an add on to the Duke Spread Offense. We show you some options they run out of the 1 out 4 across set.

Memphis Dribble Drive Offense - Part One - In this animation I'll show you the basic principles of the Dribble Drive Offense.  Coach Calipari uses various formations and plays to set up his Dribble Drive, too many plays to fit into one animation so I'm making this into a series of animations.

Popular 1-4 Set Offense - This offense is also from the 1-4 set and I've seen Duke, WVU and other college teams use this play with great results.

Pittsburgh Man to Man Offense - Excellent basketball play used by the Pitt Panthers against Miami of Ohio. Includes a video of Pitt running the play.

UConn Low - UConn uses this play to get one on one isolation with their big men.

Triangle - Triangle offense used by Phil Jackson. Great scoring options.

Kansas Last Second - Kansas used this play to end the first half against Davidson in their final eight matchup. Great quick hitter play.

Stall With Scoring Options - This offense can be used to hold the ball and run clock or as a primary offense to score.

WVU Lob Play - A great play used by Coach Huggins against Duke in the NCAA tournament.

WVU Three Options - Three different scoring options WVU used to get Joe Alexander the ball in scoring positions. Each option sets up the other options and will keep the defense guessing. Animation includes a special video showing WVU running some options.

UCLA High Post - The UCLA High Post offense first used by John Wooden. The offense is still very popular and effective in todays game.

Zone Basketball Offenses

Ohio State Zone - Zone offense used by Ohio State to score time after time aginst California in the 2008 NIT. Uses a sneaky little backscreen to get open shots. Can be used by all teams including youth basketball teams.

Two Guard Zone Play - Great zone offense which works against all zone defenses including trapping defenses such as the 1-3-1.

Interchange - Excellent offense used by teams of all skill levels. Simple but effective pattern. - Good site with lots of animated plays

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